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Critical Illness Insurance

A serious illness can lead to serious bills.

When it comes to heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other major critical illnesses, your major medical insurance may not be enough.


The biggest and most costly medical events are often the least predictable. Critical illness insurance can help you manage your deductibles, out-of-pocket costs and even non-medical expenses so you can get back to the life you love.


If you face a serious medical issue, critical illness insurance may help you be financially prepared.  

Critical illness insurance from APL can help you focus on recovery and getting back to everyday life.

Plan Design


Pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness


Additional options for health screening benefits, invasive cancer, organ failure—even major burns, paralysis, Alzheimer's Disease and more


Benefit funds help you pay for the unexpected medical bills from a covered critical illness, event or condition


Benefit funds can be used for non-medical expenses like house payments, utility bills and groceries

Key Features


Guarantee Issue with no medical questions, exams or appointments*


Convenient payroll deduction and cost-effective premiums


Appropriate regardless of genetics or family medical history

To learn more about APL’s Limited Benefit Critical Illness Insurance products, ask your employer!

*Guarantee issue is subject to the group meeting participation requirements.

A hospital is not an institution, or part thereof, used as a place for rehabilitation, a place for rest or for the aged, a nursing or convalescent home, a long-term nursing unit or geriatrics ward, or an extended care facility for the care of convalescent, rehabilitative or ambulatory patients.

The information contained on this product page generally highlights the important features of the particular product listed and does not constitute a statement of contract, nor a complete description of the conditions, benefits, limitations, exclusions and other terms of coverage. The product listed and/or all benefits may not be available in all states and coverage is subject to all applicable policy provisions as authorized by the proper state regulatory authorities. For complete information, please consult the product brochure for your state or contact APL. This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.

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APL Critical Illness Insurance For Brokers

Choose from over 60 critical illness conditions with ultimate flexibility

Also choose from:

  • Treatment benefits including hospital confinement, hospice, ambulance, second opinion and repatriation resulting from a covered critical illness 
  • Non-local transportation and lodging  
  • Infectious Disease Diagnosis Benefit
  • Wellness Benefits including health screening, mammography, vaccine and family caregiver benefit
  • Additional benefits including genetic testing, mental health and will preparation
  • Automatic Increase Feature - CI Diagnosis Benefits increase each year (up to 10 years) by 5–25%
  • No lifetime limit - benefits may be paid for all conditions


Plus, APL Critical Illness Insurance Offers

  • Unlimited recurrences applies to all critical illness conditions
  • Attained age or issue age rates
  • Age-banded or composite rating
  • Continuation of Coverage always included
  • Portability available and can survive the master contract
  • Filed to use with employer groups, associations and unions
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